CallWave Brings Visual Voicemail to the Mac

CallWave, Inc. on Wednesday introduced Virtual Voicemail, which lets any cell phone user visually access voicemail messages on their Mac. Calling the application "iPhone-like," CallWave said that users can see their voicemails and listen to the ones they want, or read transcriptions of them. They can immediately reply by text, email, or return call; with the third option, the software calls the phone they want to use and then places the call from there.

Virtual Voicemail syncs with the useris Mac OS X Address Book and provides unlimited storage and access of messages, with the ability to connect to voicemail via the Web, if the user doesnit have their computer handy. CallWave also offers a Visual Voicemail Widget that notifies users of new messages, maintains a log of inbound messages, with pertinent details, and lets users listen to messages.

CallWave offers three levels of service, starting with 40 messages per month for US$14.95, or $9.95 if paid annually. Virtual Voicemail currently works on the iPhone, but there are some restrictions, and the company plans to introduce enhancements in the first quarter of 2008 that will let iPhone users receive transcriptions of their voicemails sent to them as SMS messages.