Calling All Readers: How Many Of You Originally Hated, but Now You Love, The New iMac?

He who is convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

I heard that somewhere

Iive gone on record to say that I hated the new iMac when it was unveiled, only to change my mind after I was able to get my mitts on one. Iill even go so far as to say that Apple will sell more of these machines than it did with the original (six million sold, to date). I know that I, for instance, have never had a desire to own an iMac until after January 7.

In light of my change of heart, I began to wonder if Iim not the only Mac aficionado whois reconsidered the iMac, so, I want to solicit your feedback. Most people who visit web publications like The Mac Observer never write said publications, but this time, I ask you to break from the norm and either write me or post a comment at the end of this article. Iim curious about how many people the new iMac has "grown on" after having a chance to see how radical a departure this machine is from anything the PC makers -- even Apple, for that matter -- have produced.

My reasons for soliciting reader participation are two-fold. Iive already said that I wonder if Iim not the only one whois done a 180 on this thing. I also have been talking to retailers and reading about others who say the general public is going gah-gah over this flat-paneled beauty; many stores are reporting massive pre-orders. As far as Iive heard, no one has received lackluster response to what Apple has recently wrought.

So, what do you think? Is the new iMac, as my teenage cousins say, "slammini" or is it "crammini?" For those of you not as hip as my cousins, do you like it or hate it? Again, keep in mind that I particularly want to know if you hated it at first and then changed your mind. You can write me at or fill in your response in the comments below. Hope to hear from you.