Can You Handle 19 Days Of Photoshop Tips & Treats?

Wacom is celebrating the launch of Adobe Photoshop 6 with a "19 Days of Photoshop 6" special. From now until the end of October, Wacom will offer Photoshop tips as well as giving visitors a chance to win a host of great prizes. According to Wacom:

Leading manufacturer of computer graphics tablets, Wacom Technology Corp. has begun a special "19 Days of Photoshop 6" celebration on its website.

The event runs from Friday the 13th of October to Halloween on October 31.

Prize sponsorship is being provided by Adobe, Digital Media, Peachpit Press, Right Hemisphere, Wacom, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Synthetik, and others. Prizes will include software, T-shirts, training CDis and videos, books, Wacom caps, etc... In addition, a grand prize of Adobe Photoshop 6 will be awarded.

Guests at this web event can enter to win the prizes simply by providing their e-mail address. These addresses will be used to contact the winners subject to the strict privacy standards maintained by Wacom. Any resident of the United States or Canada is eligible to enter once per day. Winners will be selected in a random drawing from eligible entries on a daily basis with the grand prize drawing to occur on or about November 1, 2000.

Pressure-sensitive Tips
Each day a new Photoshop tip will be published relating to the 19 pressure-sensitive tools in Photoshop 6. Scheduled are:

  • Oct. 13, Paintbrush Tool;
  • Oct. 14, Pattern Stamp Tool;
  • Oct. 15, Pencil Tool;
  • Oct. 16, Burn Tool;
  • Oct. 17, Magnetic Pen Tool;
  • Oct. 18, Blur Tool;
  • Oct. 19, Eraser Tool; Oct. 20, Sharpen Tool;
  • Oct. 21, History Brush Tool;
  • Oct. 22, Dodge Tool;
  • Oct. 23, Magnetic Lasso Tool;
  • Oct. 24, Background Eraser Tool;
  • Oct. 25, Art History Brush;
  • Oct. 26, Sponge Tool;
  • Oct. 27, Rubber Stamp Tool;
  • Oct. 28, Airbrush Tool;
  • Oct. 29, Smudge Tool;
  • Oct. 30, Liquefy-Warp Tool;
  • Oct. 31, Liquefy-Twirl Tool.

You can find more information at the Wacom web site.