CandyBar System Icon Tool Updated To Version 2

The Iconfactory and Panic have released a major update of CandyBar, their system icon management tool. The new version, version 2.0, adds new features, including the ability to easily manage your application icons. From the two companies:

This major update includes several of the most frequently requested features from our users, including the ability to customize the icons of installed applications as well as their associated toolbar and document icons, quick customization of volumes, an expanded selection of System icons, auto-updating, and more!

In CandyBaris new "Applications" panel, CandyBar scans your hard drive for installed apps, then lets you drag in replacements from the Finder or from Pixadex to quickly change the app icons. An "App Extras" view allows you to examine an applicationis icon contents -- including toolbar icons and document icons -- to quickly change those as well. As always, reverting back to original icons is quick, easy and safe too, and CandyBar is not a "haxie" or a patch that could potentially destabilize running applications.

The addition of CandyBar 2.0is Auto-Updating feature means that users will always have the most up-to-date icon data and best compatibility possible with Mac OS X. Updates are processed and sent to the application automatically, eliminating the need to download new versions of CandyBar when Apple releases a new version of OS X.

Lastly, CandyBar 2.0 includes 4 new iContainers so users can update their applications and system icons to either Corey Marionis popular Smoothicon series or David Lanhamis recently released Somatic style.

You can find more information on CandyBar at the Iconfactory Web site. The update is priced at US$6.95 for registered users of previous versions, and the full version is priced at US$12.95.