CandyBar Updated With Panther Support

Panic and The Iconfactory have released an update for CandyBar, bringing it to version 1.6. CandyBar is a custom toolbar/system modification app designed for replacing standard icons. The update features support for the upcoming release of Panther. According to Panic and The Iconfactory:

With the official release of Appleis new OS X 10.3 - Panther, only a day away, Panic & The Iconfactory are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CandyBar 1.6 for use with the new OS.

CandyBar is an easy and safe way for users to customize the default system icons that come with Mac OS X, like the default folder, trash can and many more.

CandyBar v1.6 is fully qualified for Panther so Mac users can begin to customize their system icons as soon as the new OS hits the shelves. In addition, when used with Panther, CandyBar no longer requires a hard restart of the computer, only a log-out and back in to complete its changes.

You can find more information about the CandyBar update at The Iconfactory Web site. CandyBar 1.6 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$12.95.