Canon Releases New Photo Editing Software

Canon has announced two new versions of its popular photo-editing software. Canon Photo Advanced Edition and Canon Photo Home Edition add more power and features without complicating their clean, intuitive interfaces. According to Canon:

By allowing users to access most features from a single screen, Canonis new photo software avoids forcing customers through the repetitive, step-by-ste p procedures found in many entry-level photo editors. This freeform navigation also gives Canon Photo users the flexibility to complete projects and perform quick retouches in the order appropriate to the task at hand.

Canon Photo Advanced integrates three additional programs to create complex photo projects. Photo Panoramas create large images from smaller pictures. Panorama layouts include horizontal, vertical, tiled and 360-degrees. Photo Montages will recreate a photo by using hundreds (or even thousands) of micro-images. Customers can even create their own micro-image collections for highly personalized montage making. Canon Video 1.0 is also included to animate, edit and create new videos using existing video clips, image files and text.

The new software is available for US$39.95 for the Advanced Edition and $29.95 for the Home Edition. You can find more information about it at Canonis site.