Canopus Releases New HD/SDI Video Converter

Canopus has released a new signal converter, the HDSC1. The HDSC1 is a video signal converter designed for converting HD-SDI or SDI signals into HD or SD component outputs. The converter features a sync generator and embedded audio support. According to Canopus:

Canopus, makers of award-winning, digital video production solutions, today announced HDSC1, an SDI-to-component signal converter that converts HD-SDI signals to HD component output or SD-SDI signals to SD component output. Both component YUV and RGB format signals are supported, making the HDSC1 compatible with all component video devices.

HDSC1 provides instant output of HD content to affordable HD component displays such as HDTVs and RGB computer monitors, and SD content to component, S-Video and composite displays. HDSC1 also incorporates a sync generator for both HD (tri-level sync) and SD (black burst), making this unit an ideal tool for video editing studios.

In addition to HD-SDI and SD-SDI conversion and audio level adjustment options, HDSC1 offers several unique features, including embedded audio support, conversion of SD-SDI to S-Video and composite, HD-SDI conversion to RGB for PC monitors that feature BNC inputs, and front panel displays for video format and audio level outputs. HDSC1 automatically detects the video format currently being output and also supports SDI signal pass-through.

You can find more information about the HDSC1 at the Canopus Web site.