Can't Explain A Concept? Draw It

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has updated their business flowchart creation program, ConceptDraw, to version 1.52. ConceptDraw allows users to create professional looking flowcharts, business diagrams, and organizational charts. The new version includes improved working between applications like Microsoft Word. According to CS Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today announced ConceptDraw v1.52 for MacOS and Windows.

ConceptDraw v1.52 adds the following new features and enhancements:

  • Make Same Style tool: Allows you to copy the style attributes of an object (line color, thickness, text styles, fills and patterns, etc) and apply them to one or many other objects.
  • Optimized data exchange with MS Word and other applications.
  • Improved connectors.
  • Two new samples.

Also this update fixes a number of issues reported by users, adds new keyboard shortcuts and various enhancements for more convenient work.

ConceptDraw is the powerful and easy-to-use application, which enables users at all levels to quickly produce professional-looking flowcharts, business diagrams, research layouts, organization schemes, plans and more. Itis cross-platform, so all documents, libraries and templates open seamlessly between the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

The program has a rich set of versatile drawing tools, which allow the user to create elementary segements, apply patterns, fills and shadows to objects, reshape, rotate and resize objects on page in all possible ways. More complex drawings can be created with the help of pre-drawn library objects (over 1700), organized in industry-specific libraries. Each object may contain text, which can be edited with the built-in text processor.

ConceptDraw allows for customly programmed objects, described by formulas and mathematic functions, can process hyperlinks assigned to objects and text, supports most popular graphic formats and HTML export.

ConceptDraw is available for US$125. You can find more information at the ConceptDraw Web site.