Can't Get Enough Of MACWORLD?

While Mac users are trying to hold on to MACWORLD glory, MacGameris Ledge is offering a helping hand in allowing them to do that. MGL has just posted some interesting followup content regarding MACWORLD in general, and all the Mac gaming news from the expo in particular. According to MGL:

MGL, in association with guest columnist Corey Tamas, MacGameris Ledge published three fun and offbeat game articles summarizing all the goings on at last monthis Macworld Expo in New York:

Free Stuff at Macworld:
Check out what loot Corey bagged this year!

Looking back at Macworld NY: The Players:
Once again, we get Coreyis perspective on the heavy hitters in the industry and what they offered up at the show last month. Check out photos of Ben Spees (Ambrosia), Mark and Suellen Adams (Westlake), Mike Rogers (Aspyr), Al Shilling (MacSoft) and many more. While some of the info contained in this article might not be new news to you, Coreyis take on each one of them is definitely a fun read.

What Rocked at MWNY 2000:
In our final Macworld New York 2000 article, guest MGL columnist Corey Tamas provides readers with a funny yet thorough look back at what rocked, and what tanked at the event. Will Corey toss his groceries at the Sushi bar? Is there a middle finger on display in this article? Will Utterer ever finish growing that beard? Why does MacCentralis Peter Cohen have toilet paper on his head?

You can find these stories and more at the MacGameris Ledge web site.