Can't Touch This... Wait, You Can: The Untouchable Fighting Game To Ship In September

Creative Edge Studios with Globalstar Software have announced that the long awaited Mac game The Untouchable will be published in September. New features and graphics will be added to the game when it hits the shelves next month. According to Creative Edge and Global Star:

The Untouchable is a fighting game that uses actual images of top rated martial artists which you can control in real time. In Germany, itis called "All Style fighter - The Untouchable". In Spain, itis called "Dragon Video Kombat"

No matter what country you find the game in, itis still The Untouchable. However, the Spanish version includes a completely new set of background scenes for each character. The Untouchable will also be released in the United Kingdom by Global Star next month.

The characters are comprised of a variety of martial art styles, sizes, speeds, strengths, race, and gender. Block, sweep, duck, jump forwards or backwards, strike with an uppercut, kick, even run away but whatever you do, donit delay! Timing is crucial in a fighting game like this. Be strategically aggressive with your moves, it can make the difference between victory or defeat.

  • 19 live animated video characters (controlled in real time)
  • Full screen sized characters (animated at a blazingly fast speed) * Original soundtrack featuring; Future Sound of London, Juno Reactor, Sister Machine Gun, Morel and a few other surprises!
  • Cinematic camera to follow the live video action.
  • An astonishing array of characters and martial art styles.
  • Spectacular animation and many Hollywood-type effects.
  • 5 Play modes for endless enjoyment mission areas!
  • Anticipate and input your next move while executing another move.

The Untouchable will be available in late September for US$19.99 and you can find more information about it at its home page.