Canto Adds MP3 Support To Cumulus

Canto has released an MP3 filter for their Cumulus line of products. The MP3 filter allows Cumulus users to easily manipulate and organize MP3 files. According to Canto:

Canto Software Inc. announces the release of its free MP3 filter option for its Cumulus Digital Asset Management software. Like any digital file, Cumulus allows you to simply drag and drop your MP3 directory and it will instantly catalog and archive all your favorite tunes.

Cumulus? MP3 filter also records all attached metadata, which allows you to create your own Jukebox play lists with a click of the mouse by searching and sorting the Metadata fields.

Want the greatest hits of the 80?s? Simply search and archive by date. How about organizing all your favorite Beatles songs in chronological order. Search by Artist and Date. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can even use Cumulus to e-mail your favorite picks to friends or play them in real time right out of Cumulus.

Cumulus MP3 option will search and organize your MP3 file by the following metadata fields, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Genre, Mpeg Version, Layer Version, CRC Protected, Bitrate (kbits/s) sampling rate (Hz), Padded, Private Bit, Channel Mode, Intensity Stereo, MS Stereo, Mode Extension, Origin, Emphasis.

The Cumulus MP3 filter is available for free. You can find more information at the Canto Web site.