Canto Intros Cumulus 6.6, Internet Client Pro 3.0, Web Publisher Pro 3.0

Canto on Monday introduced Cumulus 6.6, the latest version of its digital asset management solution, as well as Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0. Cumulus 6.6 integrates security enhancements, now allows the use of FTP servers, supports a "bounding box" for rendering imported digital pictures at a user-defined size and adds an enterprise-level Cumulus Server Solutions option.

Cantois Cumulus Workgroup features Publishing Server Solution (starting at $5,995), which allows instant publishing of marketing and sales collateral on the Web; Business Server Solution (starting at $9,995), designed for use by a remote workforce; and Archive Server Solution (starting at $3,495), which provides central access to assets. The enterprise versions of those solutions start at $29,995, $34,995 and $27,995, respectively. All of the companyis server solutions come with a year of free upgrades and support.

Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 extend the new server solutions available in Cumulus 6.6, according to Canto. The former is part of Cumulus Business Server Solutions while the latter is a component in Cumulus Publishing Server Solutions. Both upgrades to the Web browser-based utilities feature support for Cumulus Actions, which enable users to combine tasks into one step, simplified administration, e-mail notification of changes made to specific assets, RSA-encrypted password transmissions to the server and more. Internet Client Pro 3.0 also includes support for metadata templates.