Canto Joines Forces With eVision For Visual Search Add-On

Canto has announced the joint partnership with eVision in the expansion of Cumulus 5 capabilities. The integration of eVe 3 Lite into the Cumulus 5 app, is designed to allow users to search for files based on visual characteristics. According to Canto:

Today Canto announced a strategic partnership with eVision that allows eVision to fully integrate its eVe Visual Search Technology within Cumulus 5, Canto’s award-winning digital asset management program. This is the second visual search technology Option that Canto has brought to its customers in just the past two months.

eVe 3 Lite for Cumulus 5 is a visual search add-on that is fully integrated within Cumulus 5. With eVe 3 Lite for Cumulus 5, users will be able to distill images into their representative visual features based on object, color, texture and shape. The algorithms automatically segment each image into distinct object regions and generate scale- and rotation-independent descriptions of the regions; these are known as visual signatures. These visual signatures are then organized into a proprietary indexing scheme for rapid and accurate retrievals. The algorithms can be applied to index image content, video content, audio content and any other digital patterns.

You can find more information about the Canto-eVision partnership at the Canto Web site. eVe 3 Lite will be available for Cumulus 5 in November.