Canto Now Shipping Internet Client Pro For Cumulus Enterprise Edition Users

Canto has announced the release of Internet Client Pro for Mac users. Internet Client Pro is a media utility designed for Web developers using the Cumulus Enterprise Edition. The app ships with the ability to view Cumulus catalogs within Internet browsers. According to Canto:

Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management solutions, today announced the availability of Cumulus Internet Client Pro.

Internet Client Pro is especially designed for users who do not merely publish their assets but also intend to use them for marketing and generating business, as is the case in marketing departments, ad agencies, publishing houses, PR departments, and also in museums, mail-order-houses for example. Internet Client Pro is only compatible with the Cumulus Enterprise Edition.

Internet Client Pro is extremely flexible and completely customizable using high-end HTML editors. Integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver is perfect as the existing possibilities like Custom-Java-Tags and online reference are fully supported.

Integrations into existing workflows can be easily realized. This makes Internet Client Pro the ideal solution to publish production data in the Internet and to perfectly integrate customers in the production workflow.

You can find more information about Internet Client Pro at the Canto Web site. Cumulus Enterprise Edition pricing can be obtained by contacting the Canto sales team.