Canto Releases Enhancements For Cumulus

Canto has announced two new add-ons for Cumulus. The first is the PowerPoint Support Kit, which allows users of Cumulus to support the popular presentation format. The other is the Cumulus MP3 Filter, which automatically captures any data associated with MP3 files, such as title and artist information. According to Canto:

Canto Releases Cumulus PowerPoint SupportKit
Offers extended feature set for managing single slides, incl. slidetext and notes search capabilities, as well as full size previews.The PowerPoint SupportKit is an Option for the entire Cumulus productline that allows to efficiently manage slides created with MS PowerPoint.Part of this Option is an updated 2.0 version of the PowerPoint AssetStore, itis however enhanced by the brand new modules PowerPoint Add-In and PowerPointFilter. The updated Asset Store module enables users to copy, move or extractsingle slides from one presentation into another or even a new one.This new powerful feature comes in conjunction with the enhanced previewgenerated by the PowerPoint Filter, now part of the PowerPointSupportKit.

It generates thumbnails on the fly while cataloging the slides in such abrilliant quality, that a user can read most of the slide informationeven in the preview.

The second new module PowerPoint Add-In now enables users to placeassets that are stored in a Cumulus catalog directly into the PowerPoint slideof the presentation they are working on.Last but definitely not least a new feature that is an absolutetime-saver: the PowerPoint Support Kit also enables users to search for text andnotes in cataloged slides and presentations.A fully-functional demo is available on Canto1s website.

The Cumulus MP3 Filter
Automatically captures all valuable metadata, such as title, artist,copyright notice etc. with any MP3 file.

The new Cumulus filter enables users to archive MP3 files with all thevaluable information attached to them. When cataloging the MP3 filesall included Metadata is automatically cataloged, making it easy to searchfor any file. Cumulus Users can easily pick and choose the metadata fieldsrelevant to them. The current version imports the following list ofmetadata:Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Genre, MPEG Version, LayerVersion, CRC Protected, Bitrate (kbit/s), Sampling rate (Hz), Padded,Privat Bit, Channel Mode, Intensity Stereo, MS Stereo, Mode Extension,Original, Emphasis. Other features include e-mailing MP3 files on-the-fly or playing themimmediately out of Cumulus.

Both the MP3 Filter and the PowerPoint Support Kit are available for free. You can find more information at the Canto web site.