Canto Releases New Software Module And Web Publisher

Canto has released the Cumulus Leonardo Module, an add-on that allows you to send assets directly from within Cumulus. Additionally, they have also released their Web Publisher for IRIX. According to Canto:

The Leonardo Module

It consists of a Single User Edition, a Workgroup Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Module keeps track of assets sent, thereby streamlining not only the asset transfer, but also monitoring the asset flow.

It adds a menu command to the Cumulus application that calls the address book from Leonardo to determine the recipients of the asset transfer. Assets can be sent to single users as well as groups. Every asset transfer will be logged in Cumulus.

Support for Windows platform may be added at a later stage subject to demand.

Web Publisher

It allows to publish Cumulus catalogs and assets on the Internet is now available on all platforms.

Cumulus Web Publisher lets Cumulus users publish catalogs on the Web, giving anyone with a standard Internet browser and your permission, instant access to company images, logos, collateral and other files. It uses standard HTML pages and a robust Common Gateway Interface (CGI) that allows real time access to catalogs. Catalogs published on the Web can be the same catalogs that are accessed from a workstation, so any changes made locally are reflected immediately on the Web catalog.

With an e-commerce application and a live Internet connection, Web Publisher also can be an integral part of a Web sales strategy. Search and result pages can be customized to reflect site design, facilitate browse, search and download actions, and highlight special sales information.

The Leonardo Module is available for US$19.95. You can find more information about the Cumulus product line at Cantois site.