Canto Shipping Cumulus Office Suite

Canto is now shipping the Cumulus Office Suite for Mac users. The Cumulus Office Suite is a utility designed for managing documents and presentations created with Microsoft Office products. The app features support for PowerPoint cataloging and thumbnail preview. According to Canto:

Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management solutions, today announced the launch of Cumulus Office Suite.

Cumulus Office Suite allows you to efficiently manage office documents and presentations created with Microsoft Office products. Cumulus Office Suite is an Option that spans across the entire Cumulus product line, encompassing the Single User Edition, Workgroup Edition and Enterprise Edition.

When cataloging, Office Suite captures all text contained in the documents, including the main text
itself, header information or foot notes, slide text and slide notes. In addition to this, it captures
information such as author, date and version contained in Microsoft Office Compound Documents.

Once documents have been cataloged, Cumulus’ powerful search capabilities are unleashed. This
is beneficial to users in that cataloged assets can now be found quickly and easily for reuse or for
its integration into new material.

If users have installed PowerPoint on the cataloging machine, this Option will even catalog single
slides of an entire presentation and create brilliant thumbnails and previews. The beauty of this
feature is that users no longer have to waste time opening presentation after presentation manually
in order to find a specific slide or sentence. They can even create new presentations out of
cataloged slides directly within Cumulus.

You can find more information about the Cumulus Office Suite release at the Canto Web site. Cumulus Office Suite is available for US$49.95.