Canto Shipping New Server Solutions

Canto has announced the release of several new products called The Server Solutions. The Solutions are designed to cover and manage various aspects of a business. Tackling such avenues as e-commerce and Web publishing, the Server Solutions ship with complete server/client tools and components. According to Canto:

Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced a new product line featuring the server solutions, which altogether bundle the components for the most typical needs around managing digital assets of any kind.

The Server Solutions are offered at attractive prices and will make it easier to pick and choose the various components required to set up complete client/server solutions.

The Business Server Solution meets the superior workflow and e-commerce needs of business users and includes high-end collaborative web tools. It offers out-of-the-box a Workgroup server, three clients, Cumulus Vault and Internet Client Pro, formerly only available as a core functionality of Cantois flagship offering, the Cumulus Enterprise Edition.

The Publishing Server Solution is geared to sales and marketing departments and all customers who need to publish and market their assets to the Web. It includes a Workgroup server, three clients, and Web Publisher Pro, as well as one year UAP.

The Archive Server Solution is the ideal solution for companies who need to manage and archive their assets efficiently. A Workgroup server and three clients are included.

You can find more information about the Server Solutions at the Canto Web site. The Business Server Solution is available for US$13,995.00, the Publishing Server Solution is available for US$4,995.00, and the Archive Server Solution is available for US$2,495.00.