Canto Updates Cumulus to Version 7.1

Canto announced Tuesday the release of Cumulus 7.1, a downloadable update to the media asset management solution. The update brings changes to the Native Client work space, the Web Access Client, and Cumulus Server.

Canto said that the Web Access Client now has closer feature parity to the Native Client, and that users can now personalize their Native Client work spaces. The Native Client includes a new Category pane that can be split to additionally show the selected assetis thumbnail, preview, metadata and a calendar, with additional enhancements to the calendar feature.

Cumulus Server can now be mirrored to other Cumulus Servers for both back up purposes and load-balancing performance for Web Access Client users, as well as other changes and enhancements.

The 7.1 upgrade is a free download for Software Maintenance subscribers. Contact Canto for pricing on subscription plans.