Canto Will Release Internet Client Pro 3 and Web Publisher Pro 3 in July

Digital asset management software provider Canto on Monday announced that it will ship Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 in July, when Cumulus 6.5.1 is released. The former, which is part of Cumulus Business Server Solution and Cumulus Enterprise, helps users publish and manage online catalogs. The latter, which is part of the Cumulus Publishing Server Solution, enables users to publish media on dynamically generated Web pages.

Both applications now support many features previously restricted to the Cumulus Client, such as Cumulus Actions, which enables users to combine several tasks into one. Both also offer RSA encryption of a login password when itis sent to the server and other new options. In addition, Internet Client Pro 3.0 supports Metadata Templates, which offer a standard way to enter data so that consistency is maintained.

Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 require a Cumulus 6.5.1 installation and will be available as upgrades "at attractive rates," according to Canto. Customers who subscribe to the Upgrade Advantage Program will be able to upgrade for free.