Captain FTP Updated With Improved File Transferring

Xnet Communications has released an update for Captain FTP, bringing it to version 3.3. Captain FTP is a utility designed for client serving. The update features several enhancements including improved file transferring and expanded commands. According to Xnet Communications:

Xnet Communications today announces the release of new version of its popular FTP/SSL-FTP/SFTP Client for Mac - Captain FTP 3.2.

One of the highlights of Captain FTP 3.3 is the addition of user-friendly iVirtual foldersi. Create desktop icons or folders to FTP Server folders. To transfer files to these folders simply drag ini drop the file onto the folder icon, and Captain FTP automatically completes the transfer.

Captain FTP offers new solutions to file transfer issues, such as automatic transfer resumption when file transfer errors are encountered. Users can specify alternate FTP servers to use automatically when the preferred FTP server is unavailable.

Captain FTP has been further enhanced, to offer the user more flexibility, control and power. File transfers for large files bigger than 2GB had been greatly enhanced. More customization is available to the user through scriptable upload, download, and browsing commands.

Captain FTP 3.3 has improved performance by implementing an optimized set of FTP commands. User-friendly features like the automatic connection on startup to a specified favorite from the address book, user defined number of auto-reconnect attempts, and too many others to mention. And all this power is balanced by a fresh looking GUI interface.

You can find more information about the Captain FTP update at the Xnet Communications Web site. The Captain FTP update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.