Carbonized Money Management Program Available

Bert Torfs has updated his money management application, WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo?, to version 1.8. The new version includes a more refined user interface, and also runs natively under Mac OS X. According to Mr. Torfs:

Bert Torfs BVBA today released WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? version 1.8. This release improves resize behaviour of various dialogs,opens windows where you closed them and allows you to change the relative size of panes on some windows. But most of all, it runs native on MacOSX Public Beta!

There are two ways you can describe WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? : as an application to track all your posessions, income and expenses or as a personal Multi-Currency double entry accounting package. I personally prefer the first description, as the second description might scare people without an accounting background : Anyone who needs to have an overview on his finances can benefit from using WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo?

WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? is available for US$25. You can find more information at Mr. Torfsi web site.