Carrara Studio 2 Released From Eovia

Eovia Corporation has released Carrara Studio 2 for Mac users. Carrara Studio is a 3D rendering app designed for animators and graphic designers. The latest version features enhanced 3D rendering with Photon Map algorithms, and expanded Bones and Skinnning support. According to Eovia:

Eovia Corporation today announced the immediate availability of Carrara Studio 2, a major update to the popular and complete 3D design application that fulfills professional needs with entry-level accessibilityat an entry-level price. Carrara Studio 2 is available for both the Mac(r) (OS 8.1, OS 9.1 and OS X).

The release of Carrara Studio 2 is a milestone in the life of one of the most popular 3D software applications available today. Major new features and technologies, including ultra-realistic Photon Mapping rendering, will set Carrara Studio 2 as the clear choice for the Digital artists, Web designers and Multimedia producers. Carrara Studio 2, offered at a price anyone can afford, is a genuine revolution in the 3D software industry.


  • Ultra realistic rendering
  • Bones and Skinning
  • Subdivision Modeling
  • Native Mac OS X Version

You can find more information about the Carrara Studio 2 release at the Eovia Web site. Upgrades from previous versions are available starting at US$149.00, while the full version is available for US$399.00.