Carrara Studio 3 To Ship From Eovia

Eovia Corporation has announced the upcoming release of Carrara Studio 3. Carrara Studio is a 3D rendering app designed for animators and graphic designers. The latest version features enhanced 3D rendering and a full featured UV editor. According to Eovia:

Eovia Corporation, developer and publisher of leading 3D software, today announced the upcoming release of Carrara Studio 3, the smart, affordable and turnkey 3D solution for the Web, print and video.

In the rendering department, Carrara Studio 3 introduces Eovia ImpressionT, a revolutionary non-photorealistic rendering engine, and Eovia Photon Reality 2.0T, a global illumination renderer with HDRI support.

Multiple new modeling tools have been added such as Dynamic Extrusion, a full feature UV editor, a bevel tool, the Eovia Tree Maker and more. For even faster results, Carrara Studio 3 includes major user interface improvements and a Scene Wizard with hundred of pre-defined scenes and shaders ready to be used.

You can find more information about the Carrara Studio 3 release at the Eovia Web site. Upgrades from previous versions are available starting at US$169.00, while the full version is available for US$399.00 and is slated to ship in September.