Casio Announces 7.2 MegaPixel Camera

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Casio, Inc. has announced two additions to its line of Exilim Zoom digital cameras, the 7.2 MegaPixel EX-Z750 and the 5 MegaPixel EX-Z57. Both cameras have a compact design and feature 3x optical zoom lenses. The cameras also shoot video at resolutions up to 640 X 480 and include an array of built-in image and movie editing capabilities.

The EX-Z750 has 8.3MB of built-in memory, a 2.5-inch LCD display and its battery supports about 325 shots on a single charge. The EX-Z57 has 9.3MB of built-in memory, a 2.7-inch LCD display and its battery supports about 400 shots on a single charge. Both cameras support the SD memory card standard.

Casiois new 7.2 MegaPixel EX-Z750

The cameras will be available in April, 2005. The MSRP is US$449.99 for the EX-Z750 and $399.99 for the EX-Z57.

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