Catalog And Search App Released From Casady & Greene

Casady & Greene is shipping a new app for Mac users, Tri-CATALOG 5.07. Tri-CATALOG is a search app designed to simplify searches of CDs and other storage mediums. The app ships with support for cataglog browsing and context searching. According to Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene continues their commitment to bringing cutting-edge Mac OS X software applications to consumers with the release or Tri-CATALOG, a powerful tool that catalogs all your media so you can browse...and find it FAST!

With the huge amount of content contained on internal and external drives, you can save a lot of time by using Tri-CATALOG to find and browse files and images quickly and easily. Even better, the cataloged images can be viewed as thumbnails and you can label files and images using text of your choosing.

Tri-CATALOG has a powerful, searchable database that allows you to:

  • Catalog, Browse and Find content on your hard drive
  • Catalog, Browse and Find content on external media such as FireWire drives, CDs, removable disks, network devices and more
  • Easily categorize thousands of images and display them as thumbnails
  • Accurately search for files, images and applications by comments, etc
  • Quickly find files, images applications and folders, without having to load the original media

You can find more information about the Tri-CATALOG release at the Casady & Greene Web site. Tri-CATALOG 5.07 is available for US$89.00.