Celemony Shipping Melodyne 2.0

Celemony has released a new version of Melodyne, bringing it to version 2.0. Melodyne is a multitrack utility designed for recording and editing audio. The latest release features several enhancements including expanded mixing features and the MelodyneBridge for connecting to VST/AudioUnit. According to Celemony:

Celemony announces shipping of Melodyne 2.0.

Melodyne 2.0 offers a wide range of integration options and adds many new features.

Melodyne is a multitrack audio recording and editing application which enables the handling of audio files in a completely new but musically intuitive way. It separates recordings into score notes and allows one to edit vocals, solo instruments and percussion in the same way as editing MIDI tracks.

The new version introduces the "MelodyneBridge", a new technology which allows Melodyne to be connected to any VST or AudioUnit host.

In addition, Melodyne 2.0 implements the ReWire protocol and can be connected and synced to all ReWire applications, like Cubase, DigitalPerformer, Live, Logic, ProTools or Reason. It can also be
synced to MidiClock and SMPTE, and supports MIDI In and Out as well.

Futhermore Melodyneis mixing features have been improved by adding equalizers, insert effects, aux sends and returns, group tracks and - as the first multitrack recording application ever - access to both VST and AudioUnit effect plug-ins (like Waves, Prosoniq, PSP, TCWorks and others).

You can find more information about the Melodyne 2.0 release at the Celemony Web site. Melodyne is available for 395.00 Euro.