Ch-Ching! Learns To Play Nice With MYOB

Imacination Software has released the Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection. The new software allows Ch-Ching! users to synchronize all of their MYOB data with their Ch-Ching! online store information. This allows online store owners to greatly simplify the process of managing the storeis finances. According to Imacination Software:

Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching! Instant E-commerce software, today announced the availability of their exclusive bi-directional accounting integration software for use with existing Ch-Ching! based online stores.

Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection, the new accounting integration application announced recently in conjuction with Imacination Softwareis hosting service, is now available for purchase with all versions of Ch-Ching! 3.1. Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection provides users of MYOB AccountEdge for Macintosh - the most popular small business accounting software for the Mac OS - the ability to fully synchronize their accounting data with their online Ch-Ching! store - the most popular E-commerce application for the Mac OS.

After launching the downloadable Accounting Connection application, all of the merchant?s products will be uploaded to their online store and available for immediate sale online. As sales are made online, the Accounting Connection application will update the merchantis accounting software with proper order details. Merchants with large or varying product lists can simply make changes within their accounting software, Accounting Connection will synchronize the changes with their online store and even update order information bi-directionally. Synchronization with Accounting Connection, assures accuracy between pricing and inventory management and relieves the merchant of the necessity of manually entering order information captured online.

Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection is available for a special limited time price of US$99. You can find more information at the Imacination Software Web site.