Chameleon Photo-to-Art Software Updated

Zonic has announced an update for Chameleon, bringing the app to version 1.5. Chameleon allows you to take a photograph, apply a variety of artistic styles to it, and thereby "transform" it into a work of art. The new version includes several new features and other improvements. From Zonic:

Starting from a single photograph, Chameleon can generate a wide variety of images in a range of artistic styles such as Oil Painting or Chalk Drawing.

Chameleon 1.5 includes 17 amazing image effects, and over 30 new borders to give your image the finishing touch. Images can be moved or zoomed to the perfect position, and the strength of each effect adjusted to suit your image.

With a single click, Chameleon allows everyone to quickly and easily achieve effects that previously required complex applications costing hundreds of dollars.

Changes for Chameleon 1.5 include:

  • Added ability to control the strength of each effect
  • Added ability to scale or position images to fit
  • Added new "borders" feature to provide image compositing
  • Improved performance when generating effect previews
  • Improved user interface with toolbar and options drawer
  • Now supports instant registration using Kagiis KRM system
  • In addition, several minor cosmetic issues have been addressed.

You can find more information on Chameleon on Zonicis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$19.95.