Change Is Good. Macworld Magazine Announces Redesign

The venerable Macworld Magazine will be receiving an overhaul starting with the September issue. The magazine will feature a totally new design, and marks the first major change to the publication in some seven years. The new design aims to bridge the print and web worlds, allowing easier transitions for the user from one medium to the other. According to Macworld:

Macworld magazine, the leading source of information and commentary on Macintosh computers and products, today announced that beginning with its September issue (released in July,) it would unveil a dramatic redesign, the magazineis first in seven years. The new design will include an updated layout to facilitate easier navigation through the magazine and more streamlined organization of features and columns.

The new look was designed by Pentagram, a world-renown graphic, industrial and architectural design firm. Pentagram has created a fresh, "clickable" look that echoes cutting edge Web sites and blurs the distinction between traditional print design and the look of a Web-based graphic interface.

"One of the driving reasons for this redesign, reflected in the choice of Pentagram as designer, is to create a more powerful synergy between our print and online publications," said Andy Gore, Macworldis editor-in-chief. "The new design enables us to transform print articles into iliving documentsi and take advantage of the Webis ability to expand upon traditional print media." Pentagram will also extend elements of the redesign to, which will deliver a seamless experience for readers who wish to obtain extended information relating to Macworldis print articles and associated topics.

Macworldis authoritative content will now be presented in a more concise format, allowing readers to glean the valuable information they are looking for more quickly.

The redesign has streamlined the magazineis organization; topical sections are grouped logically so readers can quickly access specific information. Thus, the popular "How-To" section has been consolidated and simplified, and the action steps for the covered topics have been clarified. Similarly, the "Reviews" section has been reorganized, moving the boxes with ratings and review summaries to the front of the article for quick access.

The unveiling of the new design is timed to coincide with the July Macworld Expo in New York City. Macworld Expo is the largest national forum for the introduction and exhibition of Mac-related products and services.

You can find more information at the Macworld Magazine web site.