Change iPod Tracks While Sitting On The iPot

Dr. Bott is now shipping the naviPod for iPod users. The naviPod is a device designed for controlling a users iPod via a wireless infrared remote. The device ships with support for such functions as play, pause, and volume control. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott is now shipping naviPod, the worldis first iPod remote control!

naviPod is the first wireless remote for the iPod consisting of a receiver that plugs into the top of the iPod and a 5-button infrared remote control that produces the same functions as the Apple iPod wired remote.

naviPod was specifically designed to allow the Apple iPod user to control audio functions from across the room. Just plug in a pair of self-powered speakers, or connect to a stereo receiver/amplifier, and the iPod becomes the centerpiece of a digital entertainment system. Play/Pause, Next, Previous and Volume, are all right at your fingertips.


naviPod is available in two models, both sporting an audio out port and chrome stand. naviPod for original iPod is compatible with all generation 1 and 2 iPods with FireWire port and includes a pass-through FireWire port for keeping the iPod charged. naviPod for 3G iPod is compatible with all iPods with the new Dock Connector.

You can find more information about naviPod release at the Dr. Bott Web site. The naviPod remote device is available for US$49.95.