Channel Storm Releases Live Channel Update

Channel Storm has released an update for Live Channelbringing it to version 1.4. Live Channel is a broadcasting app designed to be a virtual live television studio contained entirely on a Mac. The update features an improved Aqua UI. According to Channel Storm:

Channel Storm, the world leader in live video production and broadcasting software, today announced the immediate availability of Live Channel Pro 1.4 for Mac OS X.

Live Channel is the worldis first software-only solution designed to fully replace a television studio, enabling anyone to produce and broadcast live media over the Internet. It uses QuickTime to compress video and audio for streaming and offers a variety of encoding formats to support third party encoders.

Major changes in Live Channel Pro 1.4 include an improved user interface based on Mac OS Xis stunning Aqua user interface and information tabs, multiple text lines and new styles, cropping and slow & fast motion, gain and equalization, and fast keyboard control.

You can find more information about the Live Channel update at the Channel Storm Web site. The Live Channel is available starting at US$199.00.