Channel Storm Updates Live Channel Pro

Channel Storm has released an update for Live Channel Pro, bringing it to version 1.4.1.. Live Channel Pro is a broadcasting app designed to be a virtual live television studio contained entirely on a Mac. The new version features performance enhancements includinh Jaguar and MPEG-4 support. According to Channel Storm:

Channel Storm, the world leader in live video production and broadcasting software, today announced the release of Live Channel Pro 1.4.1.

Superseding complex and expensive equipment, Live Channel creates a virtual live television studio on any Macintosh computer without any additional hardware, performing real-time video production and streaming in a single, easy to use software application.

The new version includes Jaguar support, improved performance, multilingual support, MPEG-4 video streaming and several bug fixes.

You can find more information about Live Channel Pro upddate at the Channel Storm Web site. The Live Channel Pro is available for US$999.00.