Charismac Announces Anubis Now Offers FireWire Support

Charismac has updated their drive formatting utility, Anubis, to version 3.21. Anubis allows users to format almost any hard drive for optimal functionality, and the new version adds support for many popular FireWire drives. According to Charismac:

Charismac Engineering, Inc. announced the arrival of native firewire support today to their popular Macintosh formatting utility Anubis with the release of V3.21. The new version includes a high performance native firewire device driver which supports virtually all fixed disk and removable firewire drives. 3.21 also supports virtually all fixed disc and removable SCSI and IDE drives.

Charismacis Anubis Utility is a reliable, easy-to-use utility designed to maximize the performance of virtually all Macintosh disk drive-based storage devices, from the latest 80 GB drives to legacy storage devices brought to market over the past 10 years. Anubis allows users to easily format, partition and install high-performance device drivers to a variety of storage devices through an intuitive user interface. Anubis V3.21 fully supports storage devices connected to the firewire, SCSI or IDE buses of the Macintosh.

Anubis is available for a limited time for US$19.95. You can find more information at the Charismac Web site.