ChartConstructor 1.3 Gets Expanded Chart Handling

headshack has released an update for ChartConstructor, bringing it to version 1.3. ChartConstructor is a project management app designed for graphing task allocations. The update ships with performance enhancements including printing improvements and expanded chart handling. According to headshack:

headshack has today made available chartConstructor 1.3, a major update to their project management application.

ChartConstructor is a project management application, which allows for the creation of both Gantt and PERT Charts. These charts are very useful when it comes to scheduling and keeping track of large jobs.

Highlights of this update include improved printing support, powerful task filters, automatic optimization of tasks and multiple selection in PERT Charts.

List of additions:

  • Improved printing support
  • Task filters
  • Automatic optimization
  • Lag
  • Promotion and demotion of tasks in Gantt Charts handled through command+arrow keys
  • Ability to view Gantt Charts between two specified dates
  • Extra information in Gantt Chart Month View
  • Multiple selection in PERT Charts
  • Tasks in PERT Charts can now be moved with the arrow keys
  • Switch view type toolbar item
  • Option to automatically check for updates

You can find more information about the ChartConstructot update at the headshack Web site. ChartConstructor 1.3 is available shareware for US$30.00.