Chat Away With A New Version Of Snak

Kent Sorensen has updated his IRC chat client, Snak, to version 4.5.4. Snak is a full featured chat client that offers a number of features that make it simple for people to connect and start talking, and the latest version adds a several new features while also addressing a number of bugs. According to Mr Sorensen:

Version 4.5.4 improves DCC sending, especially to PC users and the Join dialog supports a preferred connection for the favorite channels. Also the command reference has been updated, and more space is available for startup items and custom menu items and more. A significant number of bugs are fixed especially in the areas of the channel list, copy and paste and ban list support.

Some of Snaks main features are:

  • Connection files makes it very easy to start an IRC session
  • Much less window clutter than other IRC clients
  • A dedicated input field per channel
  • Multi connections and multi channels
  • Integrated /notify support
  • Address Book to store information snippets
  • Connection records can specify multiple servers, which allows the program to try each server until it finds one that will connect.
  • Customizable menus holds frequently used commands and shortcuts
  • Font and background color can be set for each individual channel
  • Manual and Automatic logging
  • International character sets are supported
  • Command-clicking URLs is supported
  • Fully searchable channel list and channel text

Snak is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Snak Web site.