Chat Client Developer Asking Which Platform To Port To Next

Cerulean Studios has posted a poll of sorts on its Web site asking people to pick the next platform to which its Internet chat program, Trillion, should be ported. The choices being offered are: Mac OS X, Linux, Java, WAP, Windows CE, PalmOS, and Other (Specify...). This offers Mac users a chance to directly help bring another app to the platform. As of this writing, Mac OS X was the #2 choice. The current standings (as of this writing):

Mac OS X (5169) 31%
Linux (7150) 42%
Java (1421) 8%
WAP (240) 1%
Windows CE (1377) 8%
PalmOS (682) 4%
Other (Specify...) (826) 5%

From the companyis description of the product:

Simply said, Trillian is the ultimate chat program. With so many different chat mediums such as MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and IRC available today, there needs to be a single unified program for people to communicate with. Enter Trillian. With Trillian, all these chat networks are combined into a powerful, easy to use program.

Trillian is a chat client with many features. We hope you enjoy it! The most current release of Trillian is v0.6351, which currently supports AOL IM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, IRC, and Yahoo! Messenger.

If you are interested in seeing Trillion come to Mac OS X, stop by the companyis home page and "vote" in the poll that is on the left hand side.