Chat With An AI

Observer Ryan Huele comes through again with another Cool Waste of Time. Ryan points us to a very cool chat engine that is part of the marketing engine behind the movie "AI." This chat engine allows you to chat with "Jane," a piece of software that is designed to talk to you like a human. You can probably grasp the connection to "AI." From Observer Ryan:

This is the AI movie Web site, and the cool waste of time is at the bottom of the page, a chatbot.  This is a WAY cool chatbot, and is very intelligent.  It knows about a lot of things.  For example, we talked religion, movies, books, music, work, and school.  Also, you may want to check out , the site of the creators of this particular chatbot and also others. The project is open source, and there is a lot of cool info there about how the bot was made.  Have fun.

Thanks for the tip, Ryan, we appreciate it! Both sites are definitely interesting, and as Ryan said, the site has a lot of information. There are links to articles on AI issues, AI ethics, information on the project, and more.

If you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.