Check Your iDisk For 9 New Mac OS X Software Downloads

Apple has updated the Software folder in iDisk with several new updates for Mac OS X. iDisk is Appleis very cool iTools product that allows you to mount your own remote server account right on your desktop. In addition to having your own private space, Apple includes a folder in your iDisk that accesses several software downloads direct from Appleis servers. Hereis a list of the old and apps available in the Mac OS X Software folder:

Added yesterday:

  • iMovie for Mac OS X.dmg
  • iTunes for Mac OS X.smi
  • AppleWorks6.1 Combo Updater.dmg
  • Carbon Hearts 3.6.3.dmg
  • Drop_Drawers_X_1.5.3.dmg
  • Klondike7.7.dmg
  • Maya ScreenSaver for OSX.dmg
  • OmniWeb-4.0cf1.dmg

Other apps available

  • FrontBase-MacOSX-2.21.dmg
  • Install_Create_010314.dmg
  • Install_GIFfun_010314.dmg
  • Install_PackUpAndGo_010314.dmg
  • Install_PhotoToWeb_010314.dmg
  • Install_PStill_010314.dmg
  • Install_SliceAndDice_010314.dmg
  • Install_TimeEqualsMoney.dmg
  • RBrowser.2.872.dmg
  • wClock-1.9.dmg

You can sign up for iTools when you install Mac OS X, or you can go to Appleis iTools Web page.