ChessMaster 9000 for Mac Goes Golden Master; Out by Xmas

British Mac gamer maker Feral Interactive announced Friday the Mac OS X incarnation of its strategy game ChessMaster 9000 has gone golden master and will ship before Christmas.

ChessMaster 9000 has over 800 classic games, including the best of 2001 and 2002 Grand Master games. Features include on-screen guides to learn the best opening chess moves, a new and improved chess engine that allows players to compete against more than 150 different opponents, from beginning to Grandmaster level, 30 new chess sets, a variety of online, multiplayer options , including rated chess games and chess games just for fun, and the new iBlunder Alerti feature that immediately notifies a player of better moves when ChessMaster you move you pieces into danger.

Around since 1986 with over five million copies sold, the game has not been available for the Mac platform for over five years. It can now be pre-ordered online for US$40.