Chess Stress Virtual Timer Now Shipping

Hannes Remahl has released a new app for Mac users, Chess Stress 1.0. Chess Stress is a virtual chess timer designed with both analog and digital displays. The app ships with support for Fischeris increments and separate time controls. According to Hannes Remahl:

Hannes Remahl today released the initial version of a Cocoa chess timer program named Chess Stress. Chess Stress is a simulation of both a digital and an analog chess timer, and includes support for advanced rules such as Fischeris increments and separate time controls.

The interface is higly compliant with the Aqua experience. When running under Mac OS X 10.2, the user can choose to use a brushed aluminium look for the chess clock window. The interface is customizable and fits neatly on the Mac desktop.

You can find more information about the Stress Chess release at the Web site. Stress Chess is available for US$5.00.