Chicago Sun-Times Likens iChatAV/iSight To The Telephone

Still more positive reviews of iSight and iChat AV from the mainstream world: Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun-Times has penned a glowing review of Appleis video conferencing products in his latest Work Tech column. Mr. Ihnatko states that iChat AV is not just a better voice chatter, but it is so good that it might rival the telephone. From his article titled Another quantum leap for Apple with flawless videoconferencing tool:

Normally, when you add features to a product, you just make it denser and more complicated. But instead, adding voice and video to iChat opens it up. It clarifies iChatis role as a mainstream communication tool. It also finally offers a possible mainstream role for videophones and telephony-via-Internet.

Why? iChat AV isnit the first videoconferencing tool, but itis the first to flawlessly integrate multimedia into the chat model.

I go a step further, and assert that iChat AV is an improvement on the telephone itself. What if you picked up your handset, scrolled to a friendis name and photo, and even before dialing you knew that he was near the phone and had time to talk? What if a ringing phone didnit mean, "Drop everything, and talk to me right now!!!" but instead, "Iid like to chat with you about something, but hey, feel free to finish that piece of fried chicken and wash your hands before picking up?"

If that were the case, telephones would become so popular that eventually thereid be one in every home. The fact that youire getting free national and international long-distance is gravy.

Read the full article at the Chicago Sun-Times.