Children Of Dune, Boat Trip, & A Mighty Wind

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Frank Herbertis Dune saga is a SciFi classic that many believe is one of the crowning achievements of the genre. The story of Paul "MuadiDib" Atreides and his fight to control the very life-blood -- or Spice, as it is called -- of a galaxy spanning empire is so awe inspiring in its scope, meticulous in its detail, and breathtaking in its beauty that few believed it could ever be successfully brought to the silver screen.

In 1984, David Lynch made a valiant attempt to capture the essence of the first of the Dune books. The result was a movie that offers up many of the vistas described in the book but lacks much of the detail that is so much a part of the Dune experience. Still many believe that David Lynchis version is the best movie effort to date, even when compared to the SciFi Channelis mini-series directed by John Harrison and premiered in 2000.

Harrisonis Dune was richer in detail but lost much of it grandeur due to being confined to the small screen. Many fans believe that Harrisonis Dune is the best effort yet in portraying the nuances of Frank Herbertis world of the Worm.

This past Sunday, the SciFi channel showed the follow-on to Harrisonis Dune: Children of Dune is directed by Greg Yaitanes and may be considered the best Dune story yet to make to film. SciFi Channelis Children of Dune glides past the intermediary book, Dune Messiah, and goes directly into telling the story of Paul Atreidesi twin offspring and his now grown sister, Alia.

Check out the trailer for the Children of Dune on Appleis QuickTime Movie Trailer site. If youire a fan of Dune you will definitely find this trailer to your liking.

Other trailers of interest are:

  • Boat Trip: Starring Cube Gooding Jr. and Vivica Fox, this comedy about 2 straight guys on a cruise for gays seems... well, check out the trailer and youill see what we mean.
  • A Mighty Wind: If you are looking for snicker fodder then this movie may do it for you. An all-stars comedic cast means there has to be something funny about this flick. Catherine OiHara and Eugene Levy and many others take part in the mock-umentary about a recently deceased folk singer. Itis funny, and we just love the title.

Thatis it for this week. If you havenit seen it already, check out the Dream Catcher trailer. Creepy.