Chimera/Camino Announces Milestone 0.7 Release With Many Improvements

The Camino Project has released milestone build 0.7 of its open-source Web browser. Formerly known as The Chimera Project, the group had to rename its Mozilla-based application for legal reasons. For more information on the name change, please read our previous coverage of the issue.

Camino has received many improvements since the December 20 build. Highlights from the release notes:

  • New Download Manager, with auto-download and auto-dispatch.
  • Compatible with URL Manager Pro
  • Page Text Encodings menu
  • Global History in the sidebar
  • Send Link menu item, and other new toolbar buttons
  • Dragging of images and links to the desktop, and other applications
  • Support for Shockwave Directory content
  • Uses Rendezvous to show local FTP and web servers
  • Supports Proxy Auto-config

When released under the name Chimera, the browser itself was titled "Navigator." In this release, the application is labeled "Camino." In all other respects, its appearance remains unchanged.

The 0.7 release is a milestone release for the project. While the group releases nightly builds that include incremental changes for those living on the bleeding edge , milestone builds are released when there have been enough improvements for the Camino organizers to recommend that users download an updated version.

For more information on Camino, visit the browseris Web page.