Chimera Browser Nears Version 0.7 Milestone Release

The Chimera Projectis "Navigator" Web browser is nearing version 0.7. On February 5, the nightly build changelogs indicated that the developers upgraded the version number to 0.7 and then changed it back to 0.6 because they decided they were not quite ready yet. There is no word yet on when the actual milestone .7 release will hit, but we will let you know.

Chimera has continued to receive nightly improvements and bug fixes recently, though its future was uncertain for a time. Mike Pinkerton, an important developer on The Chimera Project, recently wrote in his blog that he was considering stopping his work on Chimera in response to Appleis new Safari browser. After receiving many supportive e-mails from Chimera users, however, he decided not to stop working on the project. From Pinkertonis blog:

Itis easy to get sidetracked on the "woe is me, we lost again" tangent (especially if youive been at Netscape for 5+ years), but itis time to get back to why weire doing this at all: because we enjoy it. Itis fun making a product that more than seven people use. I wish that was 7 million, but I guess we have to set our expectations appropriately. Chimerais not going anywhere, regardless of whatever I post on this blog.

You can find more information on Chimera at the Mozilla Web site.