Chimera Navigator adds download manager in nightly builds

The nightly builds of The Chimera Projectis Navigator browser have gained a download manager. Having separate windows for each download can become quite messy when several files are being transferred at the same time. With the addition of this feature, all files a user downloads are listed in a single window.

Although the new feature may be reminiscent of Internet Exploreris download manager, Chimerais implementation is a bit different. There is a small "x" in a circle at the top right corner of each download listing. Clicking an "x" will remove the corresponding download from the window. The download manager can also be closed while files are transferring. As long as the browser keeps running, the downloads will continue in the background. A closed download manager can be re-opened by choosing "Downloads" from the "Window" menu. In previous versions of the browser, closing a downloadis window would cancel the transfer.

Screenshot of Chimerais download manager
The Chimera Web browseris download manager
conveniently lists all downloads in a single window.

Chimera is a Gecko-based browser, which means it uses some of the same code as The Mozilla Projectis Web browser. While Chimera has been fairly stable lately, this software has not yet reached version 1.0. Consequently, inexperienced users may want to wait until the final version is released. To try the browser, visit the Chimera site and follow its link to the latest nightly build.