Chimera Utility Released From If Then Software

If Then Software has released a new app for Mac users, Chimerachanga 1.0. Chimerachanga is a utility designed for custom presets for Chimera. The app features support for preferences including HTTP pipelining and Favicon enabling. According to If Then Software:

Chimerachanga (Version 1.0), built for Mac OS X 10.2 & Chimera 0.6.0 has been released.

Chimerachanga is a program that attempts to make it easier to turn on some of the “hidden” preferences within Chimera (Navigator), without having to manually edit the preferences file each time. (I personally got sick of doing that everytime I had to delete the preferences or wanted to try a new preference.)

What preferences get added?

  • HTTP Pipelining
  • Disable Chimera’s Cache
  • Enable URL Bar Favicons
  • Enable Favicons in the Sidebar
  • Enable History in the Sidebar
  • Force Download Window to Disappear
  • Set RAM Disk Cache
  • Enable Favicons in the Sidebar

You can find more information about the Chimerachanga release at the If Then Software Web site. Chimerachanga 1.0 is available as donationware.