Chimera Utility Update Gets Pref Enhancements

If Then Software has released a new app for Mac users, Chimerachanga 1.05. Chimerachanga is a utility designed for custom presets for Chimera. The update features improved preference editing. According to If Then Software:

Chimerachanga (Version 1.05), built for Mac OS X 10.2 & Chimera 0.6.0.

Chimerachanga is a program that attempts to make it easier to turn on some of the "hidden" preferences within Chimera (Navigator) 0.6, without having to manually edit the preferences file each time. This will be the last version of the software released.


  • Chimerachanga now edits the user.js file, not the prefs.js file
  • Added the ability to add multiple custom prefs
  • Auto-open downloaded files has been added

You can find more information about the Chimerachanga update at the If Then Software Web site. Chimerachanga 1.05 is available as donationware.