Christmas Comes Early For Visor Users: Two-Way Messaging Module Available

Glenayre has released a stand-alone version of their @ctiveLink two-way messaging module for the Handspring Visor. The @ctiveLink allows users to use their Visor to send and receive short text messages, e-mail, and also to retrieve data from the Internet such as sports scores and stock quotes. According to Glenayre:

Glenayre Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:GEMS) today announced that it will sell its @ctiveLink(tm) two-way wirelessmessaging module as a standalone module for use with Handspring(tm)Visor(tm) handheld computers. Beginning December 19, the standalone modulewill be available through key distribution points, including the Handspringstore within the Web site at

Currently, the @ctiveLink module is sold as a bundled unit with theHandspring Visor Deluxe handheld computer for a manufactured suggestedretail price of $428. Now, users of Handspring Visor handheld computers canpurchase the @ctiveLink module separately and wirelessly connect to theiremail and the Internet. Glenayreis strategy to bring Solutions for an @ctiveWorld(tm) quickly to the market is further demonstrated with the @ctiveLinkmodule standalone unit offering.

The @ctiveLink module, winner of Cellular Telecommunications IndustryAssociationis (CTIA) Consumer Appliance Award, snaps seamlessly into theSpringboard(tm) slot of the Handspring Visor handheld computer to wirelesslyenable the powerful personal information management (PIM) utilities of thehandheld. The @ctiveLink module provides Always @ctive(tm) constantconnectivity to a ReFLEX-based network. The @ctiveLink module usesBeamLink(tm) software to allow e-mails to be sent from the handheld computervia the @ctiveLink module to any other e-mail account, and Infobeam(tm)software to allow the user to query information from the Internet such asstock quotes, weather, travel updates and more.

ReFLEX-based networks are wireless data networks that provide two-wayinteractive messaging between wireless devices and the Internet. Unlikeother wireless networks, ReFLEX-based networks have broad nationwidecoverage and superior in-building penetration as well as allow forReFLEX-based devices to have long battery life to ensure that subscriberswill receive their messages at any time, in almost any location.

The @ctiveLink module is available for US$179, and can also be purchased with a Visor Deluxe for US$428. You can find more information at the Glenayre web site.