Christmas Is Over, But WestCode Still In A Giving Mood

WestCode Software is offering their super-launcher, OneClick, at huge savings through the end of December. OneClick functions as a program launcher, but incorporates a number of other time saving features like the ability to access any folder on your drive with one simple click. According to WestCode:

WestCode Software, Inc. announcedtoday a half-off sale on their popular OneClick 2.0 macro and systemenhancement utility.

Whether youire looking for a perfect last minute gift or just a great dealfor yourself, check out OneClick from WestCode Software.

This handy system enhancement helps you work more efficiently by automatingtasks in every application. You can record and play back all sorts ofactions, such as typing keystrokes, inserting frequently used text intodocuments or email, opening applications, selecting menus and dialog boxoptions, and more. Any sequence of these actions can be assigned to your ownkeyboard commands or buttons to create your own customize work environmentfor your Mac.

OneClick also includes numerous free add-ons, such as a Launch Striputility, a Task Bar application switcher, a System Bar with shortcuts forauto-saving documents, a popup calendar, a URL launcher, storage andretrieval of text clippings, a font popup display for symbol characters, andmore -- replacing the need of many separate utilities.

Hereis some of what OneClick 2.0 can do for you:

  • Assign keyboard commands to common tasks, for instance assign cmd-shift-T to empty trash, or F1 for spell check.
  • Create single click access to menu commands with user-customizable toolbars for any application, thereby making applications easier to use for you, your co-workers, your family, and anyone else who might use your computer.
  • Automate multi-step or repetitive processes. OneClick will record your actions (selecting menus, clicking on buttons, typing text or key commands, etc.) and create a macro that will playback these actions instantly on demand.
  • Open frequently used applications, folders and files with ease using the included program can even assign keyboard commands to launch applications or open files...imagine using cmd-option-E to open your e-mail application.

OneClick is available through the end of the year for US$29.98, a 50% savings off the regular price. You can find more information at the WestCode web site.